Exporting succulents from Japan: International shipping policy

For international orders, please read the following.

Minimum Order

All international orders require a minimum order of 50000yen (or 500usd) before tax.
We will not take any order below our minimum.

Phytosanitary Documents

If you need phytosanitary documents, we can get phytosanitary paperwork.
There's an additional fee of 5000yen for phytosanitary certificate,
because the government office is very far from our location.

CITES listed plants

We are NOT sending CITES listed plants. This includes ALL cacti and aloe.
(CITES requires yearly inspection of the nursery by the government, and Japanese government is very strict.)

Shipping process and Fees

Shipping plants will take these steps:
1. Receive order
2. Receive Payment
3. Prepare Plants
4. Ship

For the step #3 "Prepare the plants", we take following procedures:

1. Cut off the roots
2. Wash away the soil
3. Dry (1-2days)

because this is a time consuming process,
there is a 5% preparation fee.

So if you order 600usd, there will be a 30usd prepation fee.

Accepted Payment

We will accept PayPal, or Bank Transfer.